How to Have a Great Time in Yorkshire

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Nowadays, increasingly more people choose quiet places for their vacation in order to relax and get rid of stress. If this is what you want as well, then we suggest you visit the beautiful area of England called Yorkshire. We will show you below how to have an excellent time in Yorkshire, in order to enjoy to the fullest your holiday spent here.

Visit the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

This attraction must not be missed if you go to Yorkshire, England. The impressive collection of sculpture from here can be found in the beautiful Bretton Park, which has 200-odd hectares of stunning lawn, fields, and trees as well. This park is quite close to Leeds, at an only 12-mile distance, which means that you can find accommodation in the city in order to visit it as well. If you do not have a car, then this will not be a problem because there are several buses that can take you to the park from Monday to Sunday.

Skipton Castle is a Must-See Attraction

What actually makes this castle so spectacular is its wonderful state of preservation. Furthermore, it has the most memorable features date to Tudor times. In order to learn more about this castle’s history, you must not forget to get an informative illustrated guide, which is free. You will find it at the ticket office, and it is available in several languages. We are also sure that you will like very much the surrounding areas which are great for relaxation.

Go to St Ives Estate

In St Ives Estate you will have the chance to explore not more and not less than 550 acres of amazing Yorkshire country-park. You can also take the children with you because there is an adventure playground for the little ones where they can have lots of fun and the lovely Coppice Pond where they can feed the ducks. Bring your favorite book with you as you will have enough time to relax and read while sitting on the fresh grass and enjoying the peace and silence.

Don’t Forget to See the Harrogate Valley Gardens

The Harrogate Valley Gardens are amazing. They are grade II listed, which actually shows their national importance. Across the 17 acres, you will see wonderful buildings such as the Sun Pavilion and Colonnades surrounded by many vibrant plants and colorful flowerbeds. We are convinced that the views from here will brighten up your day. Keep in mind that in England, tourists who travel alone can easily find an escort to keep them company (reviews here: ), and this is exactly what you should do as well. Not all these girls travel with their clients, but there are some who do that as well. Therefore, request the services of an escort in order to spend a lovely holiday in Yorkshire. Another choice is to get a real date from to join you.

Do not Miss the Hackfall Wood

If you love nature and you want to see something truly beautiful in Yorkshire, then you must go to Hackfall Wood. Outside of Masham, there are some beautiful gardens with a spectacular fountain placed right in the center of it, surrounded by plants, trees, and flowers. These gardens are recognized as a grade I listed gardens. The whole area is excellent for relaxation and for anyone who is looking for peace and quiet.

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